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DR. Aarati Desai CAREER

I completed my MBBS from Govt Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra. During my internship I realized that Ophthalmology was the subject was keen to persue.
I completed my DOMS from LIONS NAB Hospital, Miraj, Maharashtra. The institute has a huge workload with 50-60 cases being performed per day. It was the best place to get adequate clinical and surgical experience, under the guidance of experienced and dedicated teachers.
I then went on to complete my posts for DNB Ophthalmology(Delhi) and FCPS (Mumbai) at B Y L Nair Hospital, Mumbai. Here I was trained in phacoemusification and other surgeries under the expert and able guidance of Prof Anjali D Nicholson. The values and training passed on by her have been instrumental in shaping my career.

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  • Age related cataract. Seen in patients more than 60 years of age
  • Traumatic and foreign body injury
  • Metabolic like calcium, phosphorus deficiency
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Drugs like steroids
  • Associated with systemic diseases

Your ophthalmologist can diagnose it using simple OPD tests and procedures

  • 1. History of previous illness and medication
  • 2. Visual complaints
  • 3. Visual Acuity testing
  • 4. Visual field testing
  • 5. Slit Lamp examination
  • 6. Dilated examination

Treatment consists of surgical removal of the cataract (opaque natural lens in eye) and replacing it with an intraocular implant (lens)

  • 1. Peribulbar injection
  • 2. Subtenons injection
  • 3. Topical with anaesthetic drops and/or jelly

The main advantage of topical anaesthesia is reduced hospital stay. There is no added advantage in terms of visual outcome. Topical anaesthesia requires careful patient selection and counselling by the surgeon.

Medical Retina

A cataract is the clouding of normal crystalline lens of the eye. It develops slowly and results in gradual progressive decrease in vision. It may affect one or both eyes.

How to know?

Decrease in vision for near, distance or both
Glare (Trouble with bright lights)
Halos (Seeing rings or colors around bright lights)
Decreased night vision
Decreased contrast sensitivity
Decreased ability to recognize colours


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Panel Consultant at

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